Become a unit Leader

You want to give your participants an unforgettable experience? Then sign up as a unit leader for the Jamboree!

Are You a Unit Leader?

The Jamboree is a unique experience for participants. As a unit leader, you make an immensely important contribution so that the participants can fully enjoy it.

You are interested in becoming a unit leader and can answer these questions with «yes»:

  • You have time to prepare your unit until the Jamboree 2023?
  • You are looking forward to getting them into the right mood for the Jamboree?
  • You want to experience the Jamboree as a unit leader and create lasting memories together with your participants?

Virtual Campfire

You want to learn more about the job of a unit leader?
This August 18th and September 2nd the Heads of «Unit Support» will hold a virtual campfire at 8:00 pm for you to learn more about the role of a unit leader. Furthermore, you are going to have the possibility to ask us all your questions.
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Below you will find the requirements for unit leaders. We are looking forward to meeting you at the virtual campfire and to receiving your application!

Characteristics of a Unit Leader

Unit leaders are at least 18 years old at the start of the Jamboree, have scout leadership experience and training courses (basic, advanced or panorama course) and can communicate in English. You will lead a unit in a team of four. At least two of the leaders should be over 21 years old at the start of the Jamboree and one should have a panorama course.

As unit leaders, you will be responsible for preparing your unit. You make sure that the spirit of the group is created, organize preparation meetings and hold joint financial actions. Of course, fun should not be neglected. At the Jamboree you are responsible for your participants, just like in a Swiss scout camp.

If you are a team already to lead a unit you have the possibility to apply as a group of up to four leaders. Note, that all have to do their own application. However, please send us an e-mail with the name of every person that is part of your team.