Swiss Food House

Our food house is an IST project that will create a restaurant on the Jamboree site with typical Swiss meals. This involves planning, setting up and operating the restaurant.

An IST who chooses to support this projects will exclusively be assigned to the food house and has no further job at the Jamboree. The whole project works as a relatively independent group within the swiss contingent.

Already, a group of scouts is working on this exciting project. Check-in soon again to learn more details!

You want to help the swiss food house to take off? Join us to draw this dream!

Swiss Food House at the World Scout Jamboree 2007, Chelmsford, UK

Jobs - food house project

As head of finance, you are responsible for everything that has to do with finance within this project. That means, from preparing a budget to looking for sponsors and calculating the prices of the offered meals. It is important that you already have some experience in managing large sums of money.

As head of food and beverage, you are responsible for everything that has to do with food and beverage within this project. Together with the head of logistics, you will decide which products have to be imported into Korea from Switzerland and what will be sourced locally.
Ideally, you already have a good knowledge of food.

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